Our Vision

To create a dance school that inspires greatness, pursues excellence, and raises the standard of dance education.

Our Mission

To see our vision realized, one important dancer at a time.

What makes ReverbPAC unique?

ReverbPAC Instructors

  • Positive music, age-appropriate, modest costumes and a family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Each program is designed and coordinated to bring students together in a healthy, non-competitive environment.
  • Our students’ own creativity and gifting for dance are realized and strengthened.
  • Our staff of experienced, caring professionals are required to continue their dance education in order to bring the most current choreography to each class.
  • We offer quality instruction at an affordable price with family discounts available.
  • Exercising Virtue Program – Each week in dance our students are not only learning dance but also life skills; discipline, determination, responsibility, kindness, and so much more! It is our hope that they will demonstrate these qualities at home as well.  We encourage our parents to pick up an ‘Exercising Virtue’ form at the desk and let us know how your child has demonstrated these virtues.   Hand in your form and we will recognize your child at the end of class.  This is a great confidence builder and a great way to create a culture of excellence.